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About Us

We created The Tribe to give you the tools to embody the fullness of your potential. This is what we have been doing at RUNGA for the past eight years, and quite successfully! Through the many transformations we have witnessed, we have learned that transformation doesn't happen without one key ingredient: Community.

Connect with Like Minds

With recent events, we have been troubled by the lack of community we are each individually facing. Not only do we have fewer opportunities to socialize or meet new people, but rarely are any of our current social moments in the context of something nourishing to our souls. There is something missing. What makes us alive is our connection to the Earth, and what gives us permission to step into our greatness is our connection to each other. 

Our Offerings

The backbone of The Tribe is the content we create for you, including  recipes, articles, meditations, workouts, and several wellness protocols. As you use these tools in your own life, we will always be here to answer any of your questions. We also have some exciting plans for nourishing this community and building something great together, including Weekly Members-Only Q&A, Monthly Coffee Mornings, Live Mindfulness Classes, Live Workouts and Book Clubs.

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